Debt purchase

B2 has built strong relationships with financial institutions and other large corporate vendors. The number of completed transactions of non-performing loans (NPLs) as well as the scale of the Group’s operations both guarantee efficient and professional management of any transaction. B2 has the necessary know-how, servicing and financial capacity to take over loans of all types including corporate, SME, individual mortgages, and unsecured consumer loans which have become non-performing, allowing financial institutions to go forward in a healthier financial condition.

Debt collection

B2 puts maximum effort on creating payment plans that are in-line with the debtor`s financial debt servicing capability. We offer tailored collection strategies which depend on the nature of the debt and individual analysis of the debtor`s situation. We help the debtors to get back on track and restart their lives as debt-free consumers. We also use flexible approaches to restructuring the obligations providing considerable benefits to the debtors. Regardless of the collection strategy used, the most important principles are compliance with ethical and moral standards, protection of our partners` and vendors` reputation, and respect of debtors` rights.

To financial institutions we offer:

  • Immediate liquidity with favorable conditions
  • Fresh capital funds for new investments
  • Minimization of reputational risk of vendors
  • The ability to focus fully on your core business, which frees up valuable financial, human, informational and other resources
  • Good cooperation with debtors, respecting for their financial situation and striving to find the best solution for both sides

To the debtors we offer:

  • Flexible approach
  • Focus on amicable solutions rather than taking legal actions
  • The new payment plan in-line with their debt servicing capabilities
  • The possibility of writing-off a portion of penalty interest or other charges
  • Discounts on existing debts in special situations


Corporate Customers

How is it possible that my debt has been transferred to B2 Kapital?

As per the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic, B2 Kapital has purchased your due and unpaid debt from most likely your original loan provider. As the new creditor, B2 Kapital has taken over further process of collecting the debt in question.

Resolution on cancellation of debt for the most socially handicapped citizens?

B2 Kapital has made cancellation of debt possible and has already performed it according to the respective law acts for the clients that have submitted the application in due time and form and have fulfilled conditions regulated by aforementioned law acts.

What are the new expenses and fees now that you have taken over my debt?

The debt you’ve had with your previous creditor has been transferred to B2 Kapital, and in relation to the transfer itself there have been no additional fees or costs for you, except the applicable default interest

Is it possible to have my account unfreeze if I manage to make a payment arrangement plan with you?

All previously activated enforcement documents and collaterals shall be withdrawn and released upon repayment of the debt they are related to.

I have closed my current account/loan, how come there is any debt left?

If you have confirmation of closing the account or loan, please deliver it to us so we can perform further checkup. As for the current accounts, if an account is freeze it cannot be closed until recorded debts are resolved.

How did the debt amount get so high, this not correct?

Please send us a written dispute with explanations of the disputed amounts. We kindly ask you to attach all relevant documentation you may have that is in your favor.


Transfer of financial claims/Cession

Transfer of financial claims/Cession goes from a previous creditor to a new creditor, whereas the claim and the debtor reamin the same. Possible legal grounds for the cession are contract, law act and court decision.

Enforcement proceedings

Enforcement proceeding is a proceeding in which a creditor achieves their claim through court or a public notary. Enforcement request can be sent based on valid authentic documents enforcement documents.


A debtor is a person who has contractual obligation towards a creditor.


Creditor is a obligatory relations party authorized by the other party (debtor) to demand certain rights, doing or not doing something or to waive something from the other party (debtor). It is a two way realtion in which both parties have rights and obligations


Obligation of a natural person or a legal entity (debtor) to pay something (usually money) to the other party, creditor.


Interest is a charge in money for borrowed amount which is paid by the borrower to the lender. Interest rate is reflected in percentage and it is considered the price of money or capital which the borrower or the debtor is paying for using borrowd money or capital.

Default interest

Default interest is a sanction for a debtor who is late with fulfilling their monetary obligations, the interest rate is prescribed by related law acts. Creditor is entitled to the default interest regardless if there had been any damage to them due to debtors delay.

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