How is it possible that my debt has been transferred to B2 Kapital?

As per the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic, B2 Kapital has purchased your due and unpaid debt from most likely your original loan provider. As the new creditor, B2 Kapital has taken over further process of collecting the debt in question.

Resolution on cancellation of debt for the most socially handicapped citizens?

B2 Kapital has made cancellation of debt possible and has already performed it according to the respective law acts for the clients that have submitted the application in due time and form and have fulfilled conditions regulated by aforementioned law acts.

What are the new expenses and fees now that you have taken over my debt?

The debt you’ve had with your previous creditor has been transferred to B2 Kapital, and in relation to the transfer itself there have been no additional fees or costs for you, except the applicable default interest

Is it possible to have my account unfreeze if I manage to make a payment arrangement plan with you?

All previously activated enforcement documents and collaterals shall be withdrawn and released upon repayment of the debt they are related to.

I have closed my current account/loan, how come there is any debt left?

If you have confirmation of closing the account or loan, please deliver it to us so we can perform further checkup. As for the current accounts, if an account is freeze it cannot be closed until recorded debts are resolved.

How did the debt amount get so high, this not correct?

Please send us a written dispute with explanations of the disputed amounts. We kindly ask you to attach all relevant documentation you may have that is in your favor.

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